Services Offered

Prather Behavioral Health and Counseling (Youth Counseling, Teen Counseling, Adult Counseling, Therapy) in Cape Coral, Florida

*Every new client will have an initial session, during this time, Joseph will gather background, as well as current information around biological, social, environmental, and psychological aspects of the individual or family. This assessment greatly informs the treatment planning and direction of the treatment, as well as helping to rule out any medical causes for a given symptom or diagnosis.


This assessment is not meant to be stressful, rather a simple conversation between you and Joseph. No need to worry about this first appointment, just bring your family history, personal history, and any other important information you can think of and we will accomplish this first task together.

*One positive about not accepting insurance is that a formal diagnosis is not required and your privacy is kept more...private. Remember, we can provide a "superbill" for you to send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. Typically, an insurance company requires a diagnosis to be refunded or pay for the service and this is kept in your medical record.


At times, this is appropriate and possibly helpful, however, often it is not and could be harmful to you or your child's future. Additionally, many people seeking counseling do not have a formal mental disorder and therefore services would not be covered by insurance regardless or you could be misdiagnosed in order to meet insurance requirements.  

Individual Therapy (Under 18 y/o)


When your child or teen is struggling with a mental or behavioral health concern such as depression/anxiety, or aggression/defiance, it is often helpful to allow the child or teen space to talk with a clinician openly.


Many times Joseph will include guardians in the session when this is appropriate in order to help them understand possible ways they can help support their child or teen moving forward. Additionally, you as the guardian know your child or teen better than most. This is why it is often helpful to include you in sessions at the beginning of working together, in order to gain the parent's invaluable perspective. 

Confidentiality is important as well, therefore Joseph will not breach a child or teen's confidentiality, with the exception of risk of harm to self, others, or property. Joseph will work with the child or teen to talk with parents about important things (e.g., the root of a problem, themes from the session, and general feelings or concerns).


It is important to include them in most discussions with parents to ensure that they continue to trust their counselor is not betraying them, while keeping parents informed about their child or teen's mental health and safety. 

Family Counseling (2+ People)



Family therapy is extremely helpful to get a resolution to a problem the family unit may be having. Often times, people will come to therapy believing a child or one of the parents is to blame for the family dysfunction.


This is typically not the case and while one member may play a larger role, it is up to the family unit to come together and help one another through this difficult time. 

Some possible reasons for family counseling include:

  • A family member is struggling with a particular issue

  • A recent or pending divorce or separation

  • Child's behavior is out of control

  • General arguing and combativeness

  • Suspected or confirmed mental illness causing issues at home

  • Emotional instability on part of one or more members of the home

  • Or many other possible reasons

Supervised Parenting Time/Visitation


When a couple is going through a difficult divorce or has had a child removed from the home by the state, they may be required by the Court to participate in Supervised Parenting Time. At times it is up to the parent being supervised to pay for and find someone qualified to conduct this service.

We often begin inside the office setting and then may move into the community overtime. It is Joseph's job to observe these interactions, making sure the child is safe, and that the parent is responding and interacting with the child appropriately.


At times, the Court will ask for these records and/or request that Joseph testifies in a hearing about the possibility of reunification or other changes in the case.

If you have questions about Supervised Parenting Time, please reach out and discuss them with PBHC.

Individual Therapy (Over 18 y/o)



If you are someone 18 years of age or older and are struggling with a mental or behavioral health issue, loss, stress, life changes, or anything getting in the way of your ability to function or your happiness, then individual therapy may be the best modality of counseling for you.


There is no one way of counseling that works for everyone, however, talk therapy based on a cognitive-behavioral framework is scientifically proven to be effective for most mental health issues.


Joseph uses multiple other theories and types of counseling to best match the needs of the individual, including motivational interviewing, behavioral, feminist theory, family systems therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, and others. 

Couples Counseling (2 people)


If you and your husband or wife, partner, girl/boyfriend, fiance, or significant other are struggling and find yourselves arguing constantly, struggling with a big decision, or any other relationship issues and would like to seek counseling or a mediator, reach out and PBHC would love to help. 




The initial 15-minute consultation is completely FREE and will help both you and Joseph decide if it would be a good fit to work together. Just reach out via our "Contact" page or our phone number (904) 878-0006. 

Joseph offers longer consultations for a small fee, which is discussed during the first 15-minute call. This may be for someone who is not looking for the commitment of therapy, but would still like general guidance or direction on a particular problem. This is not a replacement for therapy, rather a possible first step for some individuals. 

If someone is already a client of PBHC they can schedule phone check-ins, consultations outside of therapy sessions, or other additional help as needed and appropriate. Please talk with Joseph either by phone, email, or during your next session for more information. 

Joseph also offers professional consultation for other therapists/clinicians needing to consult about a current client or case they are feeling stuck with. This is easily achieved by reaching out via the "Contact" page or our phone number (904) 878-0006. 

* Joseph and PBHC are mandated reporters. This means that if there is reasonable suspicion of child or elderly abuse, it will be reported to the state of Florida's Dept of Children and Famlies or Dept of Elder Affairs respectively.