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Prather Behavioral Health and Counseling

4712 SE 15th Ave Suite B

Cape Coral, Florida 33904


Tel: (904) 878-0006

Child Therapy / Parenting Support

Child Therapy (0-5 years old) and their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Child Therapy (6-12 years old)

Individual Counseling: Child Therapy (6-12 years old)

Adolescent / Teen Counseling

Individual Counseling: Adolescent / Teen Counseling (Ages 13-17)

Trauma Informed Therapy

Individual Counseling: Trauma Informed Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults.

Transitional Age Counseling

Individual Counseling: Transitional Age Counseling: Counseling for those 16-25 who are lost and confused about what's next.

Family Therapy

Family Counseling: Helping You and Your Family Through Interpersonal

Counseling for Veterans and First Responders

Counseling for Veterans and First Responders

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